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Great posts from the past: (Eden-like past....)

From: mwedd

July 9, 2000

"I guess our expatriate existence as strangers in a schizophenic setting (caught between Japan/U.S. cultures) forced us all for the most part to relatively appreciate each moment more than, say, the average kid who grows up with the same friends throughout childhood...you had to learn how to make friends on the run...you came to realize just how transitory things could be, and so there was always a sense of urgency in the air, I guess...live for the moment!  Such an atmosphere somehow imprinted upon many of us a deep and lasting connection to this almost mythical, eden-like past...which no longer exists in its physical form any longer"

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Yokohama PX - Slideshow

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Honmoku Housing Area - New Collection

New Album


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US military takes control of Japanese Military bases after the surrender of Japan

US military takes control of Japanese Military bases after the surrender of Japan to the Allied Forces in World War II.

The surrender of Japan to the Allied Forces after the World War II. The United States Marines landing at Japanese Military base in Yokosuka. The United States National Flag hoisted and marines take the control of the base. USS San Diego at the Yokosuka port. Japanese commanders surrender to the US Army officials. US Army Air Force planes land at Hazuki field near Tokyo and troops deplane. Plane with "Bataan" painted on nose. From a plane descends General Douglas MacArthur, the Commnader of the Allied Forces. He is greeted and welcomed by other US Military officials including General Eichelberger. Field filled with Japanese trucks. US troops board the trucks. American prisoners of war released and greeting the incoming US troops. MacArthur inspects the Hazuki air base. Location: Japan. Date: September 1945.

Yokosuka Base, Tea Ceremony - USS Lexington, August 1956

A traditional Japanese tea ceremony is performed on the flight deck of carrier Lexington on its birthday in Yokosuka, Japan.

USS Lexington carrier celebrates its birthday at Yokosuka Harbor, Japan. A giant cake is cut by Mayor Humetsu of the harbor city aided by Lexus Captain A.S. Heyward. Traditional ceremonies are conducted. A tea ritual is performed. A woman serves to Captain Heyward and others. Sailors and officers have tea. Location: Yokosuka Japan. Date: August 20, 1956.

Yokosuka Base, Bride School, March 1956

Sailors and their Japanese girls talk to chaplain and reads books in a chapel at Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan

The bride schools in Yokosuka, Japan. Sailors and their Japanese girls enter chapel at Naval Base at Yokosuka for briefing before marriage. Chaplain talks at the two sailors and their girls. One sailor and two Japanese girls talk to Chaplain. Japanese girl talks to Chaplin as a sailor and a girl listens. Sailor and bride look at some books on table. Chaplain takes book from sailor and hands it to the girl. Girl takes the book and opens it. The book is a Japanese English version of new testament. One page of the book and other in Japanese. Girl turns pages of a book. Location: Yokosuka Japan. Date: March 1956.

Yokohama Trolleys - Area 1 and Area 2

Yokohama - Honmoku Trolleys with Area 1 or 2 in the Background.

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Short History of Honmoku - (Japanese)

Old Film Clip of Negishi Heights - 50s - early 60s?

A short 16 second clip shown on NHK World

(See anyone you know?)

Please let us know if you know the time frame of this clip.



A few photos from the clip

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New Album

Many thanks to Tim for the uploads..!

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Yo-Hi Reunion - 2013 - Las Vegas !

Many thanks to Richard Su'a  (Class of '77)  for the upload !

See video

Yokohama PX - Kominato Intersection - Then and Now

Yokohama Mystery - History of the Honmoku (Dependents) Housing Area

A wonderful documentary in 2 parts:  (In Japanese)

A "Must See" for anyone who lived in Area 1, Area 2 or Bayview...


Part 1


Part 2

"Allied Troops Land In Tokyo Bay" (August 30, 1945)

Includes the surrender of the Yokosuka Naval Base

August 30, 1945



Photo taken during the surrender of the base.

The building that will become Kinnick High School is in the background.

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Yohi in the News - 1959 to 1992


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